Environmental Radiological and Chemical Services
Radiation Safety Program Support

Envirachem can provide comprehensive radiation safety program support by providing a structure of trained personnel and technical managers to administer the program and interface with regulatory agencies. This includes surveys of various facilities, on-site field calibrations and inspections of survey meters used for contamination monitoring and monitoring exposure.  In addition Envirachem can inspect x-ray producing equipment, and prepare and decontaminate Iodine-131 therapy rooms. Envirachem personnel have experience applying radiation safety programs in a variety of environments, nuclear power plants, university and hospital laboratories, and decommissioning projects.


Services include:

·         Comprehensive Radiation Safety Surveys of Radionuclide Use Areas

·         Monthly Surveys of Designated Areas

·         Checks on Security of Radioactive Materials

·         Inspection of Radiation Producing Equipment and Associated Shields

·         Preparation and Decontamination of Iodine-131 Therapy Rooms

·         Field Calibration of Survey and Exposure Meters

·         Administrative Support of All Associated Activities


Radiation Safety Program Support
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